Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yoga, Bikes and Jesus?

I have been asked by a few friends to start a blog because either they think I have something to say or they want to laugh at how crazy I am. I am fine with it either way. I chose this title because I am a pastor who loves everything about bicycles and am trying to change my life and the world around me through yoga. Perhaps that seems like an odd combination, but hey, I never claimed to be very conventional.

I promise to never post anything negative on this blog because I believe that when two objects vibrate at different frequencies they will throw each other off. When two objects vibrate at the same frequency they amplify their sound. So by only remaining positive I can amplify positive people and I certainly don't want to contribute to the other. And, if I am going to do something as narcissistic as blogging I prefer to use it to do good.

So, sit back, tune in and enjoy the ride!


  1. you going to post it to facebook? because i'll never remember to read it if you don't and frankly i like the way you think. ;)